Yacht Registration

Yacht Brokers World has teamed up with Yacht Registration Holland to provide a fast and effective way to register your Boat or Yacht in Europe. This service is open to EU and Non EU residents.

Yacht Registration Holland is the marketleader to register yachts under the Dutch Flag
of The Netherlands and offers two types of registration as well as other services such as MMSI.

For all enquiries please Email: sales@yachtbrokers.world

Light Registration better known as ICP

This is a very attractive yacht registration which is low in price, has no bureaucracy, no survey needed and has a very fast registration procedure of only 5 working days. It is suitable for all yachts up to 50 meters of length!

For a price of 350 this package includes the registration document, taxes and fees, handling and administration, 2 years domicile in The Netherlands and TNT Courier Express. Renewal costs after 2 years is 300 which again includes the new registration document, taxes and fees, handling and administration, 2 years domicile in The Netherlands and TNT Courier Express. This service can be delivered to any address in the world without any extra charges!

For this registration we only need a stamped copy of the bill of sale or scan of the
insurance policy of the yacht and a copy of the passport of the yacht owner.

There is no yacht survey needed and The Netherlands do not have additional yearly
yacht taxes like you have for example in Belgium, France, Spain and many other
countries. The registration will be ready in maximum 5 working days.

Note. It is also available for Swiss and Norwegina yacht owners! If the yacht owner is NON European than he can use a English Limited Company to make the registration possible. In such case we also need a copy of the company extract of the Limited Company and a copy of the passport of the Director of the Company (in most cases this is the same person as the yacht owner).

Worldwide Registration

For all yachts which have a Worldwide area of sailing or commercial charter yachts we offer the Worldwide Registration. Priced at  1,500 euro for the first year with an annual renewal fee of 500 per year.

This is includes:

International Dutch registration of your yacht
Registration of your yacht in the Dutch cadastre
Issue of Dutch Certificate or Registry (Zeebrief)
Issue of a Dutch tonnage certificate (meetbrief) for ships up to 24 metres
(For ships longer than 24 metres, the yacht owner must submit a tonnage certificate himself).
Allocation of an international Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number including
radio license.
Application of invisible microdots onto the yacht; in the event of theft, microdots ensure that the yacht can be immediately identified and linked to the owner worldwide.

This type of registration is mainly used for the more Expensive yachts but is available for any yacht. Also this registration is available for NON European clients in combination with a English Limited Company.

This type of registration requires a inspection of the yacht and which is not included in the price! If the yacht is over 24 meter the owner has to send his own certified Dutch Lloyds / Rina (etc.) tonnage certificate.

Email: sales@yachtbrokers.world